Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Been There....Ate That!

Yesterday was a great first day back in control!  The day started off with mowing our massive yard!  It was good exercise!  I made some yummy food (but didn't over do it!) and then we had a great July 4th celebration! 

This morning was my first meeting back at Weight Watchers!  I really love the women there!  They are supportive and encouraging and were genuinely happy to see me back!  Not gonna lie...I felt embarrassed, weak, and pathetic while weighing in.  I now weigh a whopping 20 pounds MORE than I did the last time I tried to get healthy.  The group this morning was very supportive also!  They helped me realize that i'm not alone in this battle...they've all "been there/ate that"!!!  It's funny, the things your know in your mind, but your heart hides away.  Ya know?  I mean...I know i'm not the only one struggling....but my heart (emotions) make me feel like I'm the only failure out there.  That's why I love the meetings.  It's great to hear encouraging stories of others that have struggled just as I am!  At first I didn't want to admit I was the kind of person that needed the meetings.  I wanted to be one of those that could do the online stuff and be strong all on my own.  Yea for those folks...but that ain't me!  The people in my group are a part of my journey...and what's cool is that I get to be a part of theirs as well! 

So the Weight Watchers plan has changed since I was there last.  It's more than just what I weigh...it's about ME!  ALL of me...all the wonderful/awful parts of me!  I'm going to try to get my "before" pic today and take my measurements.  Because on the days when the scale screams at me and makes me feel worthless, i'll be able to focus on the other parts of me that I can celebrate!  I'm going to try to focus on the good things about me whether I have a good scale day or not! 

I'm loving the "Connect" app for Weight Watchers.  It's like FB for Weight Watchers!  Only it's super positive!!!  If you are on it, follow me!  I'm "FitGirlKelly"  Silly name, I know!  But it's who i'm aiming for!  Hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful day! 



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